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IssueArticle Title
Issue 1 – June 1979
  • Cod Piece; Kipper Kids by Steve Thorne ()
  • Then Add People; People Show by Bryony Lavery ()
  • Obtuse Engels; Foco Novo by Pete Shelton ()
  • Ken Campbell by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Comedy Store by Steve Thorne ()
  • Welfare State by Bon Voyeur ()
  • Heartache and Sorrow by Julie Parker ()
  • Phantom Captain by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Fearless Frank by ()
  • Demolition Decorators by Paul Todd ()
Issue 2 – Aug/Sept 1979
  • Noughts and Crosses: The History of Western Civilisation by Angela Carter ()
  • Who are Les Oeufs Malades? An egg speaks by Bryony Lavery ()
  • Interview: Julian Beck by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Bleak Arabian Gothic Nights: A profile of Shared Experience by Luke Dixon ()
  • The Great Outdoors: Outdoor performance by Dirk Larsen ()
  • We're Not Fooling: the Demolition decorators by Stephen Ballantyne ()
  • The Future of the Past: a performance by Action Space at Parliament Hill Fields by Bryony Lavery ()
  • Subsidy in the UK: The Naked Form of Control Revealed by Jeff Nuttall ()
  • Posers Paradise: The Mod Phenomenon by Rob La Frenais ()
Issue 3 – Oct/Nov 1979
  • Hummer Sisters by Pete Shelton ()
  • Sex War in Elsinore: Hormonal Imbalance by Marguerite McLaughlin ()
  • Mens Beano: a play by Nigel Baldwin by Steve Thorne ()
  • Festival Reports: Festival of Fools by Paddy Fletcher ()
  • Edinburgh Fringe by Luke Dixon ()
  • Croydon Warehouse: Waiting for Lefty by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Sadista Sisters by Bruce Bayley ()
  • Happenings, Cults, and Everyday Life by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Performance From Poland by Angela Carter ()
  • Essex-Xingu: a new musical work by Victor Hoyland ()
  • Interview with Genesis P.Orridge by Rob La Frenais ()
Issue 4 – Dec/Jan 1980
  • ER, Forward into the Eighties! by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Four Survivors of the Seventies by Mary Turner ()
  • Performance Notes by ()
  • Academia Ruchu by Andrea Hill ()
  • Flaming Bodies by Pete Shelton ()
  • Kaboodle by Luke Dixon ()
  • Gay Sweatshop by Julie Parker ()
  • Ionescopade by Neil Hornick ()
  • The Empire Builders by Steve Thorne ()
  • Mary Longford Interview by Pete Shelton ()
  • Mayakovsky by Luke Dixon ()
  • One In Ten by Bruce Bayley ()
  • Welfare State by John Fox ()
  • Feminist Improvisation Group by Simon Thorne ()
  • The Masterwork by Simon Thorne ()
  • Profile - Lottie And Ada by Marguerite McLaughlin ()
  • Art - An Essential Cog in a Barbarous Machine by David E Thompson ()
  • Futureperform by ()
  • Hinchliffe by Hinchcliffe ()
Issue 5 – April 1980
  • Performance Notes: Nuclear Power-unreprocessing performance, Showbiz Kids, Pub Theatre Upsurge, Merrie Prankes - we were not fooled by Rob La Frenais, Luke Dixon ()
  • Technology: General Idea's Test Tube, Telex Art by ()
  • Intrigue at the Hotel Relaxey: Sylvia Ziranek, Kitsch Artist and Social Butterfly by Andrea Hill ()
  • Angels Descend Like Agatha: A criticism of Noel Grieg's play, 'Angels Descend on Paris', depicting sexual politics in wartime occupied Paris by Bruce Bayley ()
  • Cardiff: New performance centre of Europe - a profile of Chapter Arts Centre and its four resident companies by Simon Kelly ()
  • Interview with Charlie Drake by Neil Hornick ()
  • Echoes from the North: a performance by Sonia Knox, based on her childhood in Northern Ireland by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Latest show by Monstrous Regiments, based on Anita Loo's novel - review by Luke Dixon ()
  • Between: a performance by Stuart Brisley by John Roberts ()
  • Vivian Lyles Vertical Corage: poem by Bruce Bayley ()
  • John Dowie: You Could be Prime Minister or something in a curry - on the disadvantages of being dead by Rob La Frenais ()
Issue 6 May/June 1980
  • The Politics of Drag by Marguerite McLaughlin ()
  • They'll Squirm a Bit: Alex Harding and Alan Pope on their new gay cabaret 'Point Blank' by ()
  • Performance in the Midlands by John Roberts, Charles Hustwick, Rob La Frenais ()
  • After the Fire: Rob La Frenais reports on Steve Cripps, the autodestructivist who became a civil servant by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Naked Art: Profile on a new group from Sheffield by Simon Thorne ()
  • Wot No Pyjamas: Neil Hornick and Fiona Richmond by Neil Hornick, Fiona Richmond ()
  • Last Benefit at the Albany by John Roberts ()
  • Grand Magic Circus in Paris by Luke Dixon ()
  • Foco Novo at the ICA by Neil Hornick ()
  • The Eighties: a Retrospective by ()
Issue 7 July/Aug 1980
  • John Cage and Merce Cunningham in London by John Roberts ()
  • Some Empty Words With: Interview by Silvy Panet Raymond ()
  • Cunningham - 'I had no idea where the floor was' Cage - 'Oh yes, that was fun' Cunningham - 'Fun? It was hell!' by Silvy Panet Raymond ()
  • Circus Lumiere by Andrea Hill ()
  • The Opening of the Pizza: Street Performance in Covent Garden and Paris by Luke Dixon ()
  • Women's Images in Performance by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Tadeusz Kantor's Wielopole, Wielopole by Cricot 2 by Pete Shelton ()
  • The Cloning of an Eccentric: Forkbeard Fantasy by ()
  • Controlled Attack by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Youthanasia by Bruce Bayley ()
  • Prejudice by Bruce Bayley ()
  • Rough Magic by Luke Dixon ()
  • Colourspace by Charles Hustwick ()
Issue 8 Oct/Nov 1980
  • File Under Performance by ()
  • Women's Performance 1: About Time by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Women's Performance 2: I Giselle by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Tom Saddington: Cigarette Package Performance. A documentation by Helen Craven from the Arnolfini by Helen Craven ()
  • Performance Books: Stefan Brecht on Robert Wilson by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Venues: Hoxton Hall by Bruce Bayley ()
  • From Reactors To Roulette:Interview with Pip Simmons by Gillian Clark ()
  • Performance Books 2: Dreams and Deconstructons by Andrea Hill ()
  • Moby Dick by Charles Hustwick ()
  • Acme Acting: Anywhere by Luke Dixon ()
  • Abracadabra Honeymoon by Pete Shelton ()
  • Alex Marvo by Charles Hustwick ()
Issue 9 Dec/Jan 1981
  • The Entertainment Issue by ()
  • Showbiz Fundamentalism: The Talk of the Town by Neil Hornick ()
  • Inside the Generation Game by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • The Peasants are Revolting: Audience Participation at The Beefeater by Andrea Hill ()
  • Silicone Gremlins: Palladium Cellars by Pete Shelton ()
  • Bingo Crazy: Finsbury Park Top Rank by John Roberts ()
  • C'est Torture: The London Dungeon by Tom Castle ()
  • Heaven: Disco as Environment by Luke Dixon ()
  • Ivor Cutler's Private Habits: Interview by Luke Dixon ()
  • Moving Being/Body Politic by Andrea Hill ()
  • Combination/Benefits by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Pure Monkeys/Death By Kissing by Phil Hyde ()
  • Munich Mannequins/Death and Co, Half Moon by Luke Dixon ()
  • Leeny Sack The Survivor and the Translator by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Carlyle Reedy Booby Baker Sonia Knox: About Time by Charles Hustwick ()
  • Gegen/Passion by Paul K Lyons ()
  • The Alternative Miss World by John Roberts ()
Issue 10 Mar/Apr 1981
  • Natural Disaters: Assorted Mishaps, and Other Occurences by Andrea Hill ()
  • The Dangerous Water Which Lies Between: Cameron and Miller interview by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Chris Burden by Hugh Stoddart ()
  • Video At Air: Two Views by Mike Archer, Hugh Stoddart ()
  • A Sense of Belgium by Luke Dixon ()
  • Incubus/Old Testament Floorshow by Andrea Hill ()
  • Lucky Strike/Hrant Arainek by Luke Dixon ()
  • Jez Welsh/Image Action by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Matchbox Purveyors/Stationary by Phil Hyde ()
  • Three Women/High Heels by Paul Lyons ()
  • Vaughan and Carmines by Liz Stolls ()
  • Crystal Theatre by Luke Dixon ()
Issue 11 May/June 1981
  • Performing Fields and Orange Sheep: Lizzie Cox - 'Somerset' by Luke Dixon ()
  • Stuart Brisley Why The Legend? by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • European Theatre of War by Pete Shelton ()
  • The Deceptual Art of Brion Gysin: Interview by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Artworks by Phil Hyde ()
  • The 'Small Dance': Riverside Dance by Liz Stolls ()
  • Coming Up by Luke Dixon ()
  • Music and Dance LMC by Andrea Hill ()
  • Bloodgroup by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Flying Karamazov Brothers by Paul Lyons ()
  • Medea by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Chance, History, Art by Lynn MacRitchie ()
Issue 12 July/Aug 1981
  • Critics and Doormats: Writing about Performance by Andrea Hill ()
  • Cabaret Futura Moves On by Luke Dixon, Paul K Lyons ()
  • State Performance: Royal Weddings and British events: by John Roberts ()
  • Fairytales by John Roberts ()
  • The State Performs by Rob La Frenais ()
  • The Wedding of the Year by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Performed Music by Paul Burwell ()
  • Richard Layzell by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Show Trial: Some impressions of the Artists Enquiry into the Arts Council by Pete Shelton, Paul K. Lyons, John Dowie, Phil Hyde ()
  • Artist's Documentation: 'Making Up Glasgow' - a performance by Catherine Elwes by Catherine Elwes ()
  • Sedition 81 by Luke Dixon ()
  • Station House Opera by John Roberts ()
  • Patti Bee, Laura Gilbert by Phil Hyde ()
  • Andre Stitt by Roger Ely ()
  • Cunning Stunts by Liz Stolls ()
  • Winston Tong and Bruce Geduludig by Martin Lamb ()
  • Steve Cripps by Roger Ely ()
  • Tina Keane by Rob La Frenais ()
Issue 13 Sept/Oct 1981
  • Opinion: Womanless Ceremony? by Jacky Lansley ()
  • Opinion: A Selfish Art? by Roger Ely ()
  • Gay Culture and Performance by Bruce Bayley ()
  • Documentation: Synoptic Realists by ()
  • Mitzi Wildebeeste: Can South Africa really be funny? by Diana Simmonds ()
  • Theatre of the Eighth Day/Provisorium: Decoding the Polish message by Pete Shelton ()
  • Gilbert and George: The Living Sculptures Look at Life by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Towards the Celestial City: A transposition of John Bunyan's 'The Pilgrim's Progress' for Birmingham Arts Lab by Luke Dixon ()
  • Roland Muldoon: Interview by Luke Dixon ()
  • Music in Performance/Reviews, inc by Rose Garrad ()
  • Martin Ives by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Marty St James by Emrys Morgan ()
  • Sardonic Fish Corporation/TV! Scream by Roger Ely ()
  • Natasha Morgan by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • The Mad Show by Neil Hornick ()
  • Almeida Festival by Liz Stolls ()
  • Raving Beauties by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Decadence by Phil Hyde ()
  • National Theatre of Brent by Luke Dixon ()
  • A Pair in Shorts by Rob La Frenais ()
Issue 14 Nov/Dec 1981
  • Any/Now by Carlyle Reedy ()
  • Performance Art Platform by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Acme 1976-81 by Jonathan Harvey ()
  • State Performance by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • But Is It Dance?: Miranda Tufnell by Gillian Clark ()
  • Jonathan Borofsky by John Roberts ()
  • Laurie Anderson by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Action 81: Festival of Improvised Music at the ICA by Paul Burwell, David Illic ()
  • Pigs and Pyrotechnics: Action Space Mobile at Biddock Farm by ()
  • Hrant Alianek by Luke Dixon ()
  • Letter From Japan: Japanese theatre by John Ashford ()
  • New Anatomies by Diana Simmonds ()
  • Sue MacLennan by Luke Dixon ()
  • Alistair MacLennan by Dick Grayson ()
  • Touching Class by Christine Lindey ()
  • Spiral by Gillian Clark ()
  • Rabbit in a Trap by Phil Hyde ()
  • Centre Ocean Stream by Lynn MacRitchie ()
Issue 15 Jan/Fev 1982
  • Opinion: The Art of Social Change by Pete Shelton ()
  • Dance Umbrella by Liz Stolls ()
  • Making the World Vertical by ()
  • Circles: New performances and a day workshop by ()
  • Magic and Performance by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Interview: Yoshi Oida by Luke Dixon ()
  • The Art of Making Visible: Lovemaking in public by ()
  • Crystal Theatre, New End by Neil Hornick ()
  • Mother's Arms by Diana Simmonds ()
  • Dog beneath the Skin by Phil Hyde ()
  • Impact Theatre by Luke Dixon ()
  • Incubus by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Pack of Women by Diana Simmonds ()
  • Rational Theatre by Phil Hyde ()
  • Cirrus Theatre Co by Caroline Mylon ()
  • IOU by Gillian Clark ()
  • Rosemary Butcher by Gillian Clark ()
Issue 16 Mar/Apr 1982
  • Video Libraries by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Disband Come To Britain by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Mutually Hostile Species: Lumiere and Son by Donald McLeod ()
  • Sur le Plancher' - or Up in the Air?: The aesthetics of style by Phil Hyde ()
  • Interview: Andre Stitt by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Forkbeard Fantasy: The Library Show by Tim Britton ()
  • Night Out: True Romance - Sex and Death at Covent Garden by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • International: Catching Them in the Act: a report on recent performance work in Canada by Mark Czarnecki ()
  • Curator Prejudice Attacked by Suzanne Lacey ()
  • London Opera Factory by Luke Dixon ()
  • The World of Gilbert and George by Phil Hyde ()
  • Accident by Fay Prendergast ()
  • Penguin Ponk by Phil Hyde ()
  • Jattol by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Mantis by Gillian Clark ()
Issue 17 May/June 1982
  • Irish Performance by Nick Stewart ()
  • Opinion: Women Live by Diana Simmonds ()
  • Four Artists: Irish performance at the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow by Peter Hill ()
  • Red Artists Threat?: Community Art by Pete Shelton ()
  • London's Dance Crisis by Liz Stolls ()
  • Night Train to Freedonia: Hesitate and Demonstrate by Neil Hornick ()
  • Interview: Geraldine Pilgrim by Luke Dixon ()
  • London Round-Up by Luke Dixon ()
  • La Ronde by Liz Stolls ()
  • Forkbeard Fantasy by Phil Hyde ()
  • Bread and Puppet by Luke Dixon ()
  • Optik Theatre by Caroline Hardy ()
  • Media Arts Group by Phil Hyde ()
  • Duel Duet by Phil Hyde ()
  • Boogie! Mayfair Theatre by Neil Hornick ()
  • Performance Week, Leicester by Robert Ayers ()
  • Ariadone by Neil Hornick ()
  • SEM Ensemble by Robert Schuck ()
  • Delado by Gillian Clark ()
  • Pastorale by Luke Dixon ()
Issue 18 Aug/Sept 1982
  • Opinion: John Cage and Laurie Anderson by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • A Real Traditionalist': Laurie Anderson by Laurie Anderson ()
  • Spoken By Others: Laurie Anderson by John Roberts ()
  • National Independent Video Festival by Penny Dedman, Peter Savage ()
  • Legitimate Journey: Facts and symbols of androgyny in a moving performance by Vivien Lisle ()
  • Back to the Garden: IOU by Meira Eilash ()
  • Opportunity to Dance by Gillian Clark ()
  • Interview: Robyn Archer by Marguerite McLaughlin ()
  • International: An Integral Part of Your Lifestyle: Video- performance by Leonore Welzein ()
  • Obituary: Steve Cripps by Paul Burwell, Anne Bean, Carlyle Reedy ()
  • London Roundup by Luke Dixon ()
  • Campo Santo by Gray Watson ()
  • La Cookiste Superba by Roberta M Graham ()
  • Queen Christina, Carmilla by Marguerite McLaughlin ()
  • The Ballista by Phil Hyde ()
  • Little Religions by John Stewart ()
  • John Cage by Jeremy Paton-Jones ()
  • People Show 87 by Paul Lyons ()
  • Gang Ho by Pete Shelton ()
  • Theodore Shank: American Alternative Theatre (book) by Luke Dixon ()
Issue 19 Oct/Nov 1982
  • Is Performance Art Dead? by Roland Miller ()
  • Noe-Naturism: B2 Gallery and David Dawson by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Nuova Spettacolorita!: Italian Performance by John Ashford ()
  • Art On The Run by Rob La Frenais ()
  • A Firm Undertaking: the funeral of Violet Kray by Roberta M Graham ()
  • New York Live: New York performers at the ICA by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Interview: Cathy Berberian by Lindsay Cooper ()
  • London Roundup by Luke Dixon ()
  • Out and About - Hood Fair by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Sonia Knox by Catherine Elwes ()
  • Cameron and Miller by Phil Hyde ()
  • Selwa Rajaa by Meira Eliash ()
  • Perfect Moments by Chrissy Iles ()
  • Brion Gysin interviewed by Terry Wilson: Here To Go/Planet R101 (Book) by David Dar ()
Issue 20/21 Dec/Jan 1983
  • Anne Bean: Profile by Chris Millar ()
  • Horse and Bamboo: Profile by Phil Hyde ()
  • Psychic TV: Interview by David Dawson ()
  • Philip Glass and Rhys Chatham by Steve Rogers ()
  • Video From the Kitchen: NY Video by Katherine Elwes ()
  • LVA Group Show by Paul Madden ()
  • Channel 4 and Performance by Pete Shelton ()
  • Performance in the Third Dimension: Rational Theatre/Malcolm Poynter, ABDC Workshop, Jim Whiting by Helen Powell ()
  • The Final Academy by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Bursting the Seams of their Gucci Suits by Steve Rogers ()
  • Brogue Male by Phil Hyde ()
  • Urban Art at Top Speed by Robert Ayers ()
  • Witches Fly South by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Performance Platform by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Willats in Derry by John Roberts ()
  • Ellen Fisher by Anna Moszynaska ()
  • Arnaud-Labelle Rojoux by Ann Cullis ()
  • Optik by Stella Hall ()
  • Sitting Ducks by Stella Hall ()
  • Attila the Stockbroker by Roger Ely ()
  • Eric Bogosian by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Split Britches by Stella Hall ()
  • Michael Upton and Peter Lloyd-Jones by Rob La Frenais ()
  • The Bone by Andrew O'Hanlon ()
  • An Eccentric Evening by John Dowie ()
  • The Farndale Avenue Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society by Phil Hyde ()
Issue 22 Feb/Mar 1983
  • Impact Theatre: Profile by Steve Rogers ()
  • Bloodgroup: Profile by Stella Hall ()
  • Spaces: Basement Group, Newcastle by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Mona Hatoum at Aspex by Mona Hatoum ()
  • Video: Afterimage by Pete Shelton ()
  • Steve Hawley by Catherine Elwes ()
  • Zen Abbatoir by Anna Moszynska ()
  • Raid on the Inarticulate by Phil Hyde ()
  • Anti-Anti Opera by Steve Rogers ()
  • Ou Sont Les Neiges D'Antan? by Phil Hyde ()
  • ABDC Workshop by Anna Moszynska ()
  • The Cabinet Trick by Chrissie Iles ()
  • People Show No 88 by Phil Hyde ()
  • Philip Jeck by Dave Rose ()
  • Young Lust by Andy Soutter ()
Issue 23 Apr/May 1983
  • Profile: Welfare State by Phil Hyde ()
  • Interview: Nan Hoover by Kate Elwes ()
  • Nightlife: The Zap Club by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Plunging into the Paperpool - the Paperpool Corporation by ()
  • Video: Who's Watching Whom? by Pete Shelton ()
  • Con Artist or Cultural Heroine: Laurie Anderson by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Sheffield Expanded Media show by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Can Your Monkey Do The Dog?: Queer Theatre by Ken Hollings ()
  • Secret Gardens by Phil Hyde ()
  • British Events by Luke Dixon ()
  • Hanging Committee by Richard Chapman ()
  • Impact Theatre by Stella Hall ()
  • Theatre Babel by Robin Morley ()
  • Face On by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly Show by Robin Morley ()
  • General Idea by Anna Moszynska ()
  • Doppelganger by Ken Hollings ()
  • Virgnia Astley, French and Saunders by John Shaw ()
  • Brian Eno by Paul Ahand ()
  • Helen Seer/Zoe Redman by Catherine Elwes ()
  • Basement Group Performance by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Roberta Graham by Anna Moszynska ()
Issue 24 June/July 1983
  • Profile: John Maybury by Ken Hollings ()
  • Kazuko Hohki of Frank Chickens: Interview by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Urban Sax: William Green by William Green ()
  • Performing In Jewellery: The Jewellery Project by Anna Moszynska ()
  • Two Weeks in New York: Britain Pollutes New York, etc by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Multi-Storey-Minimalism: Charlie Hooker by Robin Morley ()
  • Stuart Brisley, Lewis Johnston by Ken Hollings ()
  • Feminist Arts Group by Ann Cullis ()
  • Lotte and Lotte by Rosa Silver ()
  • Ariadne's Afternoon by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Rose Finn Kelcey by Steve Rogers ()
  • Musk by Phil Jones ()
  • Piccolo by Luke Dixon ()
  • Optik by Charlotte Keatley ()
  • Gilgamesh by Charlotte Keatley ()
  • Akademia Ruchu by Phil Hyde ()
  • After Alter?: After Image by Pete Shelton ()
Issue 25 Aug/Sept 1983
  • Babylon Has Indeed Erupted: Notting Hill Carnival by Isobel Appio ()
  • The Way of How by Guy Neal ()
  • The Realities of Rochdale: Rochdale Art Gallery by Charlotte Keatley ()
  • Joseph Beuys: Interview with Lynn MacRitchie by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Music Supplement by ()
  • The New American Woman by Anna Moszynska ()
  • Video on TV by Pete Shelton ()
  • A Generation Without Affection: Profile - Jan Fabre by Phil Hyde ()
  • Richard Layzell on Nightclubs by Richard Layzell ()
  • Bracknell Festival of Performance: Two Views by Nigel Pollitt, Chrissy Iles ()
  • The Water Station by Ken Hollings ()
  • Serpentine Summer Show: Growing Pains, Caught Unawares and Others by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Radical Bingo by Neil Hornick ()
  • Everything Television Touches by Pete Shelton ()
  • Mary Lucier, NY by Catherine Elwes ()
  • Ken Campbell: A Generation Without Affection by Phil Hyde ()
Issue 26 Oct/Nov 1983
  • Because It Was There: Performance Journeys by Robin Morley ()
  • High Kemp: Interview with Lindsay Kemp by Steve Rogers ()
  • Festival Supplement: Hyping the Avant-Garde by Phil Hyde ()
  • Avignon by Charlotte Keatley ()
  • Lift by Isobel Appio, Anna Mosysnska, Meira Eliash ()
  • Womad by Isobel Appio ()
  • Lumiere and Son's 'Senseless' by Phil Hyde ()
  • Ian Breakwell by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Wild Style by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Moneik Toebosch by Ken Hollings ()
  • Octetto (or Quintetto) Ironico by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Forkbeard Fantasy by Phil Hyde ()
  • Brion Gysin and Steve Lacy by Ken Hollings ()
  • Bartok in Brixton by Rob La Frenais ()
Issue 27 Dec/Jan 1984
  • Art Year Zero: History of Art Vandalism by Ken Hollings ()
  • How Life Differs From Detergent: Silvia Ziranek interview by Phil Hyde ()
  • Posturing Boldly: Recent Camp Art by Meira Eliash ()
  • Chic Lies: performance and Fashion by Steve Rogers ()
  • Direct Line to the Cortex: Philip Glass in London by Peter Culshaw ()
  • Holidays in Harness: Ddart in a Spanish resort by Robin Morley ()
  • Flirting with Meaning: Mary Longford dancing with Deniz by Robert Ayers ()
  • What We Can Learn From Our European Friends by John Stalin ()
  • Vidar Egg by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Impact: A Place in Europe by Phil Hyde ()
  • Ddart by Phil Jones ()
  • We Won't Play Nature To Your Culture by Liz Rideal ()
  • Ultramundane: Station House Opera by Anna Moszynska ()
  • Paul McCarthy by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Neoism by Rob La Frenais ()
  • La La La by ()
Issue 28 Feb/Mar 1984
  • The Reality Game: Elements of Performance in UFO sightings by David Briers ()
  • The Assault on Enjoyment: out on the ledge with Derek Jarman by Rob La Frenais ()
  • The Dead Rose: the spirit of Anger lives on in the exoticism and gothicism of today's artists by Ken Hollings ()
  • Kill and Wake! African magic in Belsize Park by Isobel Appio ()
  • Carnival and Contradiction: are carnivals really liberating? by John A Walker ()
  • Spaces: goes to Northern Ireland by Marguerite McLaughlin ()
  • The End of the Humans by John Stalin ()
  • International Contemporary Art Fair by Steve Rogers ()
  • Tina Turner by David Briers ()
  • The Second Link: Viewpoints on Video in the Eighties by Jez Welsh ()
  • Ornamental Structures: Media Arts Group by Anna Moszynska ()
  • Kincora: Violations By God's Bankers (Air Basement) by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Paupers Carnival's by David Briers ()
  • Peter Wilson: Headscapes by Robert Ayers ()
Issue 29 Apr/May 1984
  • Around the Shows: The Ideal Home Exhibition by Iwona Blazwick, Chris Rodley ()
  • Crufts by Steve Rogers, Mark Stevens ()
  • The Daily Express Boat Show by John Stalin ()
  • The Believing World of Gilbert and George by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • Baron Alban: Life is short but Art is long by ()
  • The Word Made Flesh: Freud and Performance by Gray Watson ()
  • The Wild Chimes: Carillon Music by David Briers ()
  • Artists and the Nuclear Threat by Richard Layzell ()
  • Notes from Cardiff by David Briers ()
  • Clockwork Orange (Man in the Moon); Japanese Cassette Magazines; Neo-Naturists' Valentine's Day Performance; Hans Haacke at the Tate; Andropov's Funeral; British Canadian Video Exchange Opening, Canada House' Robert Wilson's Video 50 by Ken Hollings ()
Issue 30 June/July 1984
  • New York: Spring report from Manhattan by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Human Bondage and the Human Tornado: Melissa Fenley on her collaboration with Francisca Clemente by Anna Moszyska ()
  • LSD: The Wooster Group in New York gets to grips with Timothy Leary and ends up with Arthur Miller on acid by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Images of Deviancy: Graham Roberts on Courtroom performance by Graham Roberts ()
  • Trash glamourisation of youth cultue by Ken Hollings ()
  • John Stalin on gangster etymology by ()
  • Uber Marionettes: Barry Edwards on the changing face of adult puppetry by Barry Edwards ()
  • Local Heroes: Torvill and Dean return to Nottingham by David Briers ()
  • Black and Blue by Liz Rideal ()
  • Bow Gamelan Ensemble by Husband ()
  • Richard Layzell by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Midday Sun by Rob La Frenais ()
Issue 31 Sept/Oct 1984
  • Charlie Hooker talks about his work with Liz Rideal by Liz Rideal ()
  • The Search for the Zap Formula by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Highlands and Desert: A Performance Pilgramage by David Briers ()
  • Mad Dogs and Englishmen: A Curious Tale at the ICA by John Ashford, Neil Butler ()
  • Art On Film/Film On Art: Rose English, Sally Potter, Andrei Tarkovsky by Lynn MacRitchie ()
  • In The Slaughterhouse of Love: Bataille, the sexual act and beyond by Ken Hollings, Roberta Graham ()
  • Nikki Bell and Ben Langland: The Ruined Book by Cathy Courtney ()
  • Recent Visual Theatre by Steve Rogers ()
  • The Untying by Barbara Lehmann ()
  • Circus Logic by Piers Letcher ()
  • Plato's Chair by Liz Rideal ()
  • Performance Surfing by Alexi Alexander ()
Issue 32 Nov/Dec 1984
  • Doing It The Hard Way: Interview with Yoshiko Chuma of NY's School of Hard Knocks by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Working With Impact: By Novelist Russel Hoban by Russel Hoban ()
  • Pure Passion: The Rediscovery of Flamenco by Donna Bernstein ()
  • From Myth to Reality: A profile of Rose Garrard by Liz Rideal ()
  • Video On The Rocks: The Montreal Viseo Festival by Jez Welsh ()
  • Insights in the Shadow of War: Artists go to war by Gray Watson ()
  • Peace Moves: Artists say no to war by Richard Layzell ()
  • The Spectacle of Pornography: Gay male fantasy spotlit by Steve Rogers ()
  • The World Is Your Lobster: The Return of John Stalin by John Stalin ()
  • Notts Shots: Four Days of Performance Art by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Royal College of Art mixed media show by Cathy Courtney ()
  • Hax Bax Frox Shox by Rob La Frenais ()
Issue 33 Feb/Mar 1985
  • Ritual and Memory: interview with Stuart Brisley by Cathy Courtney ()
  • Glamour and Garbage: Documentation by Marty St James, Anne Wilson ()
  • Crisis in Visual Theatre: Two Opinions by David Gale ()
  • Performance Land Art: a journal from Australia by Anthony Howell ()
  • Talking American: three views from the US by Steve Rogers ()
  • Armed by Elizabeth Heron ()
  • Trickster by Neil Hornick ()
  • Hesitate and Demonstrate by Charlotte Keatley ()
  • Background Video - The View From Tokyo by Jane Parrish ()
  • The Observation Tower by Caz Royds ()
  • Theatre De Complicite by ()
  • Give My Regards To Frith Street by Sotiris Kyriacou ()
  • An Evening in Swindon: Da Wu Tang by Alex X Fraser ()
  • Regular Music by Steve Rogers ()
  • Notes From Cardiff by David Briers ()
  • Alchymia by Elizabeth Heron ()
  • Performance at Acme Studios by Sotris Kyriacou ()
Issue 34 Apr/May 1985
  • The Film Editor in Your Head: interview with John Jesurun by Barbara Lehmann ()
  • War Therapy: Spalding Gray of NY's Wooster Group on the making of a war movie by Spalding Gray ()
  • Rough Seas Inside a Cave Home: Susan Hiller's Postcard Art by Ian Walker ()
  • Art Music for Now People: Avant garde musicians are striking it rich by Peter Culshaw ()
  • Ceremonies by Elizabeth Heron ()
  • Burnt Bridges by Robert Ayers ()
  • Juan Loyala by ()
  • Babes in the Wood by Sue Wolff ()
  • Life Into Art by Ann Berriman ()
  • Taking the Mountain to Mohammed by Alan Parker ()
  • Three in Third Area by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Being and Doing by Rob La Frenais ()
Issue 35 June/July 1985
  • A Night in Hell: Els Commediants on pagans and pyrotechnics by Teresa Whitfield ()
  • La Gaia Scienza: John Ashford strips away the metaphors by John Ashford ()
  • Emerging From the Cultural Revolution: are the Fourth Peking Opera by Lucy Neal ()
  • From the Enclosure: Zoo Man Alberto Vidal speaks by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Spark Fly: as Bow Gamelan open the festival by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Apocalypse Now: from Poland's Theare Nowy by ()
  • Dirty Work: From the Director of Security, by the Bahumutsi Company by Maishe Maponya ()
  • Mass in A Minor: Extract from the political thriller this Yugoslav piece was based on by Danilo Kis ()
  • The Elusive: Winston Tong, traced, found, interviewed by Barbara Lehmann ()
  • Cease and Desist: Arthur Miller vs Wooster Group - the full story by Catherine Bush ()
  • What about Performance: in the British Art Show? by Robert Ayers ()
  • A Lot of Things: happen in Cardiff by David Briers ()
  • Up the Nile: experimental art is stirring by Cathy Courtney ()
  • Invisible Work by Rob La Frenais ()
  • To: Do: The Nine O'Clock Muse by David Dye ()
  • Feverhouse by Sue Wolff ()
  • Blood Group: Clam by Caz Royds ()
Issue 36 Aug/Sept 1985
  • Meeting the Doppelganger: Steve Willats talks about his work with people on the margins of society by Steve Willats ()
  • Imposters: the art of impersonation by Maureen O Paley ()
  • Elvis - Vengeance is Mine: His identity lives on through death by Ken Hollings ()
  • Territories 1: Beating the Bounds with Tom Phillips by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Finding yourself in a photobooth: from portraiture to Photo- Me - Liz Rideal on the infinitely repeatable art of identity by Liz Rideal ()
  • Artist Profile: Guy Brett on the video and performance work of Tina Keane by Guy Brett ()
  • Roadworks: Documentation from Brixton street performance artists by ()
  • Same River Twice by Sue Wolff ()
  • Happenings by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Inteatro Festival 85 by ()
  • Lulu Unchained by Steve Rogers ()
  • Expedition to the North Pole by Robin Morley ()
  • Princess of Cleves by Steve Rogers ()
  • Rose Garrard: Openings by Simon Herbert ()
  • Almeida Festival by Steven Montague ()
  • Ken Gray: Suppellex Vox by ()
Issue 37 Oct/Nov 1985
  • Survey: what performance artists in Britain really think - full details by ()
  • Interview: Bruce McLean slugs it out with Chrissie Iles by Chrissie Iles ()
  • This is for you Anna: a contemporary tale of revenge by Neil Bartlett ()
  • Thinking Objects: one artist's fascination with Laurel and Hardy by Gary Stevens ()
  • Documentation: The Housewatch project by Ian Bourne ()
  • Opinion: showdown for performance critics by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Sound/Vision by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Up a Cul de Sac: contemporary music by David Briers ()
  • Edinburgh Festival by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Liverpool by Adrian Henri ()
  • Marc Chamowicz: Cafe Du Reve (Book) by Alan Parker ()
  • New York Reports: Barbara Lehmann and Catherine Bush by Barbara Lehmann, Catherine Bush ()
Issue 38/39 Dec-Feb 1986
  • Beating the Live Art Trail: The latest in performance art from Nottingham and Brighton by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Interview: Steve Reich by Steve Rogers ()
  • Anti-Opera by David Briers ()
  • Brecht and Pop by Nick Coleman ()
  • Magic Flute: ICA's Christmas opera by Peter Culshaw ()
  • Interview: Robert Wilson by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Artocracy: The Silvia Ziranek section by Silvia Ziranek ()
  • Dance Fightback by John Ashford ()
  • British Video by Ken Gill ()
  • A Day in the Life of a Neo-Naturist by Christine Binnie ()
  • New York Reviews by Barbara Lehmann ()
  • 3 Mustaphas 3 by Elizabeth Heron ()
  • Performance Art: Does it no longer exist? by Neil Butler ()
  • Dance Umbrella by Honey Salvadori ()
  • Alternativa 4 by Tara Babel ()
  • Steve Willats: Brentford Towers by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Oscar MacLennan by Boyd Tonkin ()
  • Housewatch by Steve Rogers ()
Issue 40 Mar/Apr 1986
  • What's wrong with the National Critics? A history lesson by John Ashford ()
  • Ballroom dancing as social metaphor: Marty and Anne explain by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Art Below the Sea: An interview with an artist/diver by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Industrial Revolution: artist Bow Gamelan on life behind the welding torch by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Appenticed to Dance: Anne Seagrove explains why by Anne Seagrove ()
  • Welfare State: exchanged skills with a Tanzanian village by John Fox ()
  • Gypsy Switch: a year 'Circle round Britain on an Arts Council training grant by Jill Smith ()
  • Our Wonderful Culture by ()
  • Art and Class: a polemic by Stefan Szczelkun ()
  • A Day in the Life of a Neo-Naturist by Christine Binnie ()
  • Miranda Payne: Saint GArgoyle by Leslie Dick ()
  • Impact: The Price of Meat by Tim Etchells ()
  • Billy Whitelaw by Keith Bishop ()
  • Arts Worldwide: Sounds of Sudan by Bol Marjoram ()
  • IOU and Forced Entertainment by Steve Rogers ()
  • Station House Opera: A Split Second of Paradise by Steve Rogers ()
  • Channel Four's latest video series by Nick Houghton ()
Issue 41 May/June 1986
  • Laurie Anderson: an exclusive interview by Barbara Lehmann ()
  • The Power of Effective Marketing: two views of Jan Fabre at the Royal Albert Hall by Colin Watkeys, John Ashford ()
  • Performance Artists Clog Ideal Home: An ironic tale by Marty St James, Anne Wilson ()
  • Mona Hatoum - Not an Entertainer: a profile of her recent work by Bol Marjoram ()
  • New Work Newcastle: a report by Tara Babel ()
  • A Day in the Life of a Neo-Naturist: Performing at the ROH by Michael Clark ()
  • The Event Group by Bruce Bayley ()
  • Laibach by Julia Orkney ()
  • Forced Entertainment: Nightawks by Steve Rogers ()
Issue 42 July/Aug 1986
  • Australia Focus: the people the places the performances: The Myths, The Spaces: a quick guided tour by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Putting on an Act: performing femininity by Sarah Miller ()
  • Kill the Word!: Soundworks Festival by Nigel Helyer ()
  • No One Wants You: veteran performance guerilla, Mike Mullins, interviewed by Rob La Frenais ()
  • View From the South: interview with an art space director by Louise Dauth ()
  • Distanced Pairs: two trans-continental working relationships by Julian Goddard ()
  • Menacing Curves: installations at the Sydney Biennale by Ann Berriman ()
  • Whiff of the Sacred: post-performance in Tasmania by Leigh Hobba ()
  • Jill Scott: a science-fiction videomaker by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Performance What the?: the perspecta perspective by Simon Penny ()
  • Rose English: thee thy thou thine, exclusively by Steve Rogers ()
  • Magdalena: a polemic, a festival by Jill Greenhaigh ()
  • Pretending to Dance: more performance/dance crossover by Honey Salvadori ()
  • Cut Ups and Pixillation: video by Nick Houghton ()
  • Sex and Death: this time to music by David Briers ()
  • A Day in the Life of a Neo-Naturist by Christine Binnie ()
Issue 43 Sept/Oct 1986
  • Close to the Horns: Ross Finn-Kelcey, a profile by Jeni Walwin (Article)
  • Artists in the Theatre: a historical outline by Sara Selwood (Article)
  • Entranced by Butterflies: Lumiere and Son - an opinion by Steve Rogers (Article)
  • Furniturisaton: A Suitable Case for Treatment by David Briers (Article)
  • Carnival Logic: An Analytical View by Wilson Harris (Article)
  • Speculation on Memory: Stuart Brisley in Glasgow by Rob La Frenais (Article)
  • Imaginez: The Fridbourg 'Belluard Bollwerk' by Tara Babel (Article)
  • Suspended Animation: The Venice Biennale by Chrissie Iles (Article)
  • North V South: Polveriginteatro Festival by Honey Salvadori (Article)
  • Ars Electronica: New music and performance at Linz by Simon Biggs (Article)
  • Polyphonix: Performance and soundwork in Paris by Simon Herbert (Article)
  • Off the Beaten Track: Round London's Student Shows by Nick Houghton (Article)
  • In Sea: Bow Gamelan Ensemble at the ICA by Rob La Frenais (Article)
  • Daylight: New Performance Club by Bill Mills (Article)
  • Eye Music and Charting Time: At the Serpentine by Peter McRae, Nick Houghton (Article)
  • Synchro Cycling: A Night in Bike City: Charlie Hooker by Robin Morley (Article)
  • Performance Art Talks: Think Tank Report by Jane Jackson (Article)
Issue 44/45 Nov-Feb 1987
  • Doff This Bonnet!: Lumiere and Son reply to last issue's criticism by David Gale, Hilary Westlake (Article)
  • Technological Witch Doctors: Interview with Mark Pauline of Survival Research Laboratories by Rob La Frenais (Article)
  • The Camera Is The Only Audience by Chrissie Iles (Review)
  • Artists on the Front Line: Philip Wood of Hidden Grin in Nicaragua by Philip Wood (Article)
  • The Currency Of Art: Profile of JSG Boggs, Money Artist by Jane Jackson (Article)
  • Perfo 4D, or The Artist is in the Bar: Rotterdam Performance Festival by Steve Rogers, Rob La Frenais (Review)
  • Beyond the Zip-Zap: Guide to Glamorous Gimmickery in video by Nick Houghton (Article)
  • Third Generation: Women and Sculpture in Canterbury by Tara Babel (Article)
  • Last Sweat of Youth: David Medalla at Daylight by Anna Thew (Review)
  • The English Dream (Midlands Version) by Steve Rogers, Rob La Frenais (Article)
  • Peter Baren: Incident by Peter McRae (Review)
  • Light Years by Nick Houghton (Article)
  • Women Work Out by Mina Kaylan (Article)
  • Richard Layzell: The Nature of Reality by Simon Herbert (Article)
  • Racing Start by Katy Sender (Article)
  • Manchester Festival by Rob La Frenais (Article)
Issue 46 Mar/April 1987
  • The Sleep: New visual theatre collaboration by Steve Rogers ()
  • Atalanta: Robert Ashley opera by Blue' Gene Tyranny ()
  • Beuy's Line to Bond Street: The Dealer's Eye: Anthony D'Offay Interview by Gray Watson ()
  • At Great Speed: Richard Demarco Interview by Chrissie Iles ()
  • The Singing Critic: Looking Back at State of the Art by Peter Culshaw ()
  • Art in the City: Conrad Atkinson on the Metro by Oliver Bennett ()
  • Tate North: Prestige space for performance by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Problems of Pluralism: a critical language for video by Simon Biggs ()
  • When Institutions Collide: An Opinion of Performance in Museums by Simon Herbert ()
  • Performance Funding: news on latest developments by Rob La Frenais ()
  • White Breath Red Heart by Chrissie Iles ()
  • From Berlin to Borough Market by ()
  • Charlie Hooker and Bruce McLean: Deep in Fishy Waters by Oliver Bennett ()
  • Ruins by Nick Houghton ()
  • Carlyle Reedy: The Helping Hand by Hanna-O'Shea ()
  • Robert Ayers: A Small Thing Standing Up by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Nan Hoover by Nick Houghton, Chrissie Iles ()
Issue 47 May/June 1987
  • A Work Between Two Institutions: Stephen Willats in Leeds by Stephen Willats ()
  • Scaling the Castle Walls: Performance Season in Nottingham by Robert Ayers ()
  • I See Danger: Alistair MacLennan Interview by Declan MacGonagle ()
  • Image After Image: Art on TV and the new series 'Alter Image' by Chris Rodley ()
  • Sculpture Down Your Way: TSWA 3D by Brian Hatton ()
  • Look North: New York Newcastle '87 On Tour by Tracey Warr ()
  • Wash Your Brains: Performance Art LP by Colin Fallows ()
  • Extracurricular: Performance Art and Education by Tracey Warr ()
  • The Media Show Reborn by Tim Etchells ()
  • Astrakan at the Swiss Cottage Baths, Camden Festival by Steve Rogers ()
  • Gary Stevens: If The Cap Fits by Steve Rogers ()
  • Fredd Goodwin: Modern Dreams/Ancient Nightmares by Bryan Biggs ()
  • At the Edge by Guy Brett ()
  • Stuart Brisley: St Cuthbert's Village Cenotaph by Alex Fraser ()
  • Babel: Freedom by Roland Miller ()
  • Neil Bartlett and Robin Whitmore: A Victim of Love Revealed in Sleep by Steve Rogers ()
Issue 48 July/Aug 1987
  • Opera: David Freeman interviewed by Neil Bartlett ()
  • Who are you doing this for?: audiences for live art - a survey by Neil Bartlett ()
  • Ethyl and Lily: speaking your mind, Ethyl Eichelberger and Lily Savage interviewed by Neil Bartlett ()
  • Going Abroad (1): hyping the international by Peter Culshaw ()
  • Going Abroad (2): a case study by Steve Rogers ()
  • Art in Performance in Art by Steve Rogers ()
  • The Sleep by Steve Rogers ()
  • Confrontations by David Lovely ()
  • Alistair MacLennan: Actuation by Steve Rogers ()
  • Flash Art and Funkytimes by Nick Houghton ()
  • Holly Warburton by Jonathan Swain ()
Issue 49 Sept/Oct 1987
  • Bracknell 87 by Jez Welsh ()
  • Hamlet Machine: The unique and improbable co-operation of Ribert WIlson and Heiner Muller by Janny Donker ()
  • When the Tunnel is Built: a journey across Europe by Rob La Frenais ()
  • The Quintessential European Event: a report on Documenta 87 by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Behind the Aktion: Elizabeth Jappe interviewed by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Myths, Monsters and Mutations: the view from Berlin by Ken Gill ()
  • Integrating the Beast: art and politics in Europe by Gray Watson ()
  • Crossing the Desert: a report on Intervention 3 and its organiser Egidio Alvaro interviewed by Tara Babel ()
  • Gary Stevens and Company: Different Ghosts by Annie Griffin ()
  • Neue Slowenishe Kunst by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton ()
  • Class of '87 by Steve Rogers ()
  • 100 Foot Walking Wall and The Tidal Barrier Event by Steve Rogers ()
  • Junction Transmissions Sender, Video Exhibition by Nick Houghton ()
  • LIFT: Donna Giovanni, Compania Divas by Neil Bartlett ()
  • Bow Gamelan Ensemble by Simon Herbert ()
  • Ron Hasledon and Bryanston Cross: Nightline by Claire MacDonald ()
Issue 50/51 Nov-Jan 1988
  • Performance Magazine: a reprise in pictures by Steve Rogers ()
  • The City and its Double by Claire MacDonald ()
  • An A-Z of Order and Change: a poetics of the city by Tony Dunn ()
  • The Logic of the Visible: J G Ballard inerviewed by Claire MacDonald ()
  • Moving Forward and Backward in Time: Cage and Cunningham reconsidered by David Hughes ()
  • When That Hammer Starts to Beat: The sounds of steelcity by Ron Wright ()
  • Ex-Cathedra: Richard Demarco on Edinburgh by Richard Demarco ()
  • I've Been To This Place Before, in Movies by Tim Etchells ()
  • Off the Map Mixed Media Work by Irish Women Artists by Nick Houghton ()
  • I Don't Like This Kind of Theatre by Pippa Corner ()
  • The National Review of Live Art by Steve Rogers ()
  • IOU Theatre at Saltaire, bradford by Jamie Nuttgens ()
  • Cumbria, Sellafield and Nuclear Reprocessing Rochdale Art Gallery by David Lovely ()
  • Cambridge Youth Theatre: Dream of a New Machine by Pippa Corner ()
  • Brian Catling by Julia Orkney ()
  • Tattoo Theatre of Yugoslavia by Philp Wood ()
  • A History of the Present The ICA's 40th Birthday by David Gale ()
  • George Barber: Taxidriver II by Nick Houghton ()
  • Graeme Miller: Dungeness - The Desert in the Garden by Andy Soutter ()
  • Kurt Johanssen: Performance O by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Heiner Muller: Hamletmachine by Steve Rogers ()
Issue 52 Feb/Mar 1988
  • Readers Survey - Results by Steve Rogers ()
  • Life After Living: Steven Taylor Woodrow's new work by Steve Rogers ()
  • Resistance, Rewind and Rant: The climate for video art by Nick Houghton ()
  • Getting to Grips with Guerilla TV: the past and future of the pirates by Greg Loftin ()
  • Spinning Wildly or Standing Still: high tech vs the new minimalism by Jez Welsh ()
  • Stating the Art: Interview with John Wyver by Betsy Ho ()
  • The City and the Suburbs: Carnival, Television and Video Art: television and community politics by Sean Cubitt ()
  • Videopedia: a beginners guide to video in Britain by ()
  • Annie Griffin by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton ()
  • 4D At Home by Tim Etchells ()
  • Theatre Nova by Pippa Corner ()
  • Robin Whitmore and the pupils of Sheringfield Primary by Neil Bartlett ()
  • Dogs in Honey by Fran Bawden ()
  • 10 Years of Avant-Garde Film and Video at the Tate by Nick Houghton ()
  • Axis Mundi by Pippa Corner ()
  • Texture by Malcolm Dickson ()
  • Rose Garrard by Ken Gill ()
  • Ivan, Rosemary Branch by Steve Rogers ()
  • Richard Layzell by Mark Currah ()
Issue 53 April/May 1988
  • From Rag-Bag to Riches: Brighton Festival '88 by Steve Rogers ()
  • Tina Keane: a profile by Michael O'Pray ()
  • Taking a Line for a Walk: Marina Abromovic/Ulay interviewed by Chrissie Iles ()
  • From the Private Wars of Howie Long: recovered from GQ Magazine by Kate Smith ()
  • Speaking Without Ruses: John Roberts on male sexuality by John Roberts ()
  • The Invisible Man: Notes on male sexuality by Kate Love by Kate Love ()
  • Under God: Scenes from the End of the World and the Pursuit of Human Happiness in the Years of Our Lord by Ken Hollings ()
  • The Shadow Apparatus by Brian Catling ()
  • Documenting Performance Art by Nick Kaye ()
  • Hans Haacke by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Glenn Branca by Oliver Bennett ()
  • Graham Young by Nick Houghton ()
  • Oscar McLennan: Waiting for the Kiss of the Chicken King and Helicopter Man, Leadmill, SHeffield by Tim Etchells ()
  • Steve Purcell and Co by Pippa Corner ()
  • Mineo Aayamaguchi by Jeremy Welsh ()
  • Carles Santos by Ken Gill ()
  • Making Space by Simon Herbert ()
  • Audio Arts: Accent For a Start by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Annie Griffin and Laura Ford: The Deadly Grove, Battersea Arts Centre, London by Steve Rogers ()
  • Ross Finn-Kelcey: Bureau de Change by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton ()
  • Illuminations/Ghosts in the Machine by Nick Houghton ()
Issue 54 June/July 1988
  • Between Windscale and Wordsworth: John Fox interviewed by Baz Kershaw by Baz Kershaw ()
  • Process and Chaos: J M Findlay watches Tadeusz Kantor in rehearsal by Iwona Blazwick, Chris Rodley ()
  • Something Material: Nick Kaye on the conflict between producty and process by Nick Kaye ()
  • Somebody Should Tell the Emperor: Simon Herbert argues for a return to basics by Simon Herbert ()
  • A Series of Changes by Pauline Cummins ()
  • All The Rage: Malcolm Dickson looks at the place of radical art in Scotland by Malcolm Dickson ()
  • Finding our Place: performance in the art school by Hester Reeve and Vanessa Jones by Hester Reeve, Vanessa Jones ()
  • Performance Progress: David Hunter charts some recent developments in performance support by David Hunter ()
  • Tina Keane by Nick Houghton ()
  • Peter McRae: Avenue of Heroes by Pippa Corner ()
  • Stephen Taylor Woodrow: Going Bye-Byes by Pippa Corner ()
  • Intimate Strangers: Time To Go by Steve Rogers ()
  • Berlin by Ken Gill ()
  • Sheffield Media Show 1988 by Nick Houghton, Tim Etchells ()
  • Against the Steady Stare by Steve Farrer ()
  • Sound Moves by Lisa Haskell ()
  • The Blue Line by Tim Etchells ()
Issue 55 January 1988
  • EDGE 88, An Introduction by Chrissie Iles ()
  • The Tyranny of the Avant-Garde by Dan Cameron ()
  • The Reflective Edge: A Female Concept of Self- Representation by Sylvia Eiblmayr ()
  • Three Points in a Circle: Three Decades of Experiment in the US and Canada by Steven Durland ()
  • A Matter of Content by Gray Watson ()
  • Artists Notes by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton ()
Issue 56/57 Dec-Feb 1989
  • Showing The Wires: Julian Maynard Smith interviewed by Steve Rogers ()
  • The Time Has Come The Walrus Said: Simon Penny on Art in the age of the thinking machine by Simon Penny ()
  • Breaking The Frame: Nick Kaye on the use of extremes in performance art by Nick Kaye ()
  • Epilepsy: Performance, Spectatorship and Abjection by Jane Giles ()
  • Talking With a Head: Tina Weymouth has a chat with Peter Culshaw by Peter Culshaw ()
  • A Question of Difference: Mark Gaynor pursues the much loved debate between theatre and fine art by Mark Gaynor ()
  • Mind the Gap: Time Based Media at Humberside College of Higher Education by Catherine Shields, Howard Jones, Ruth Baker, Andrew Smith, Mark Hudson, Tim Brenna ()
  • Edge 88: A record of Britain's first experimental art biennale by ()
  • New York Newcastle '88 by Helen Cadwalleder ()
  • Steve Shill: A Fine Film of Ashes by Tim Etchells ()
  • Manact: Radio Sing Sing by Tim Etchells ()
  • Nominatiae Filiae: A Magdalena Project production by Simon Thorne ()
  • Butthole Surfers by Steve Rogers ()
  • Gloria by Pippa Corner ()
  • Tony White by Roy Bayfield ()
  • Theatre on a String by Ariane Koek ()
Issue 58 Summer 1989
  • Flux-Hunting: The Uncertain in Pursuit of the incomprehensible? by Simon Anderson ()
  • The Big Dipper: The Legacy of Arte Povera by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton ()
  • The Picturesque Ruins of the Situationist International by David Dunbar ()
  • Reflections: Video Sculpture Past and Present by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Glanz und Elend: Die Multi-media Kunst von Marie-Lo Lafontaine by Sigmar Gassert ()
  • Dance Away the Frontiers: New Dance Work by Four European Women by David Hughes ()
  • Nancy Reilly: Professional high by Tim Etchells ()
  • Lindsay John: Skin by Matthew Springford ()
  • IOU Theatre: Just Add Water by Ariane Koek ()
  • Gardzenice Theatre Association: Avvakum, Gathering by Ariane Koek ()
  • Peter Brook" La Tragedie de Carmen by Lucy Hughes-Hallett ()
  • Stefan Szczelkum: Emigration Ritual by Fran Cottell ()
  • The Wooster Group: Frank Dell's The Temptation of Saint by Tim Etchells ()
  • Les Magiciens de la Terre by Fiona Dunlop ()
Issue 59 Winter 1989/90
  • Of Cats, Dreams and Interioe Knowledge: An Interview with Carolee Schneemann by WIlliam Peterson ()
  • A Profile of Egon Schrick by Shaun Caton ()
  • Ritualism and Renewal: Reconsidering the Image of the Shaman by Nick Kaye ()
  • Window on Performance: The Poetics Of Space by David Hughes ()
  • Harpo's Challenge: Performance Art and the Reinvigoration of Opera by Ariane Koek ()
  • Display Teams at Southampton: Divergent Definitions of Performance by Mark Gaynor ()
  • Station House Opera: The Bastille Dances by Tim Etchells ()
  • Fiona Templeton: You, The City by Vicki Jung ()
  • Rosemary Butcher, in collaboration with Zaha Hadid: d.1. by David Hughes ()
  • Shifting Focus by Ruth Barter ()
  • Art in Ruins: Vampire Value; Domestic Arrangement by Andrew Wilson ()
  • Richard Layzell: The Revolution - You're In It! by Ivan Gaskell ()
  • Magdalena Project: International Festival of Voice by Penny Simpson ()
  • Steve Shill Leicester Company: Ode to St Cecelia by Helen Davidson ()
Issue 60 Spring 1990
  • Drama in the Tatras: Teatr st i witkiewicza by Paul Allain ()
  • Texts for Performance/Performing Texts: Samuel Beckett's Anxiety of Self-Regeneration by Andrew Renton ()
  • Free State: In Conversation with Tim Brennan by Ivan Gaskell ()
  • The Voice and the Shadow by Paul Newham ()
  • A Late Developer: The Language of Dance Criticism by Catherine Brownell ()
  • Scena Plastyczna: Herbarium; Moisture by Paul Allain ()
  • People Show no. 95: The Big Sweep by David Hughes ()
  • The Practice: The Origin of Table Manners by David Hughes ()
  • Silvia Ziranek: ICI VILLA MOI by Jeni Walwin ()
  • National Review of Live Art by Matthew Springford ()
  • Oscar McLennan and Kevin McAleer by Ian Smith ()
  • Roberta Graham in collaboration with Ken Hollings; Pale Battalions by Jane Bevan ()
  • John Zorn's Naked City by John Gore ()
  • International Audio Visueel Experimentell Festival (AVE) by Ivan Gaskell ()
  • Video Art Plastique by Fiona Dunlop ()
  • Richard Foreman's Ontological-Hysteric Theatre by Tim Etchells ()
  • Amanda Holiday: Umbrage by Nicky Hamlyn ()
  • Cordelia Swann: A Call to Arms by Nicky Hamlyn ()
  • Sandra Lahire: Serpent River by Nicky Hamlyn ()
  • Ornella Volta: Satie Seen Through His Letters by David Hughes ()
  • Jeff Nuttall: The Bald Soprano by David Hughes ()
  • The Photofile Series by David Hughes ()
  • Robert Mapplethorpe: Some Women by David Hughes ()
  • Hermine Demoriane by David Hughes ()
  • Helen Chadwick: Enfleshings by David Hughes ()
Issue 61 Sept 1990
  • Locating Goat Island: Converations with Matthew Goulish and Lin Hixson by David Hughes ()
  • Jeff Koons and the Art of Deal: Marketing (as) Sculpture by Andrew Renton ()
  • Bouncing Back the Impulse: An Interview with Richard Foreman by Nick Kaye ()
  • Exploring Sexuality Anew: Erotic Films by European Women by Nicky Hamlyn ()
  • The Meaning of Ecstasy by Richard Squires ()
  • John Cage: Europera 3 and 4 by Catherine Brownell ()
  • East Country Yard Show by Tony White ()
  • Fran Cottell: Double Interior - Part 3 by John Carson ()
  • Wim Vandekeybus: Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles by David Hughes ()
  • Graeme Miller: A Girl Skipping by Tim Etchells ()
  • Christian Boltanski: Reconstitution by Edward Allington ()
  • Blaenau Ffestiniog:Will Menter and others: Can Y Graig (Slate Voices) by Chris Cheek ()
  • Brighton Festival by Ariane Koek ()
  • Edge 90: Cornelia Parker, Mark Thompson by David Hughes ()
  • North Face by Sean Cubitt ()
  • Edge 90: Various venues, Newcastle by Malcolm Dickson ()
  • Brith Gof: Los Angeles by Penny Simpson ()
  • John Jesurun: Everything That Rises Must Converge by Tim Etchells ()
  • Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker: Stella De Singel, Antwerp by Tim Etchells ()
Issue 62 Nov 1990
  • The Spirit of the Hive: Mark Thompson's Invocations by Liz Brooks ()
  • Peace On Earth?: Chris Burden's Investigations by Lucy Hughes-Hallett ()
  • Veiled Stories: Sophie Calle, Melanie Counsell by Oliver Bennett ()
  • Plotting: Angela Bulloch, Tim Head, Darrell Viner by Andrew Renton ()
  • L'Insaisissable/The Ungraspable by Maria Klonaris, Katherina Thomadaki ()
  • Joseph Beuys: The End of the Twentieth Century by Stuart Morgan ()
  • Jane Mulfinger: Deluge by Tony White ()
  • Peter Zegveld: Situaties by Alex Fulton ()
  • Anna Homler: The Queen of Ooga Booga by David Hughes ()
  • Barbara Bloom: The Reign of Narcissicism by Adrian Searle ()
  • Bobby Baker: Drawing on a Mother's Experience by Griselda Pollock ()
  • DV8: "if only by Lucy Nias ()
  • Manchester Olympic Video Exhibition (MOVE) by Sean Cubitt ()
  • Ward by Nick Stewart ()
  • Marina Abramovic: Boat Emptying - Stream Entering by Katy Sender ()
  • Miguel Chevalier: Anthropometrie by Fiona Dunlop ()
  • Marie-Jo Lafontaine: Pandora's Bob by Otto Neumaier ()
Issue 63 Mar 1991
  • The Poetry of the Personal: In Conversation with Yoko Ono by Gray Watson, Rob La Frenais ()
  • Glasgow Glimpses: Four Views of the National Review of Live Art by David Hughes, John Jordan, Nancy Reilly, Tony White ()
  • Frontiers of Freedom: Notes on Die Endlichkeit der Freiheit by Hans Dickel ()
  • Travelling Light: A Meeting with Yoshi Oida by Betty Caplan ()
  • Opera Factory: Satyricon by David Hoyle ()
  • Live Art Week by Tony White ()
  • Gaby Abis and Company: Pale Shelter, The Place, London by Sophie Constanti ()
  • Brith Gof: Pax by Penny Simpson ()
  • Bruce McLean and Catherine Tucker: Vertical Balcony - A Real Gazebo by Tim Etchells ()
  • Four Cities Project by Louise Wilson ()
  • Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a Changing Economy by A A Bronson ()
  • Long Tongues by Richard Squires ()
  • Robert Wilson: Black Rider by Fiona Dunlop ()
Issue 64 Summer 1991
  • Wicked, Wicked, Wicked: Susan Hiller's An Entertainment by Guy Brett ()
  • Eat Me, Read Me, Burn Me: The Ephemeral Art of Marta Minujin by Richard Squires ()
  • Transforming the Horspiel: The Audio Art of John Cage by Richard Kostelanetz ()
  • Language Beyond the Lexicon: The Sound of Poetry of Bob Cobbing by Fiona Becket ()
  • Forum for Freedom: Augusto Boal's Thetre of the Oppressed by Barbara Norden ()
  • Action Syndicate: A Few Small Nips by Sophie Constanti ()
  • Laurie Anderson: Empty Places by Tony White ()
  • Michael Petry: Flight from Technology: The Sexuality of the Universe part two by Tony White ()
  • Alvin Boyarsky Memorial Exhibition by Daniel Abramson ()
  • Field Day Theatre Company: The Cure at Troy by John Honderich ()
  • Odin Teatret: Talabot by Nigel Stewart ()
  • Roland Miller: The Other by Fiona Becket ()
  • Leicester International Dance Theatre: Motionhouse Dance Theatre, Shobana Jeyasingh by David Hughes ()
  • Earshot by Jeremy Bonner ()
  • Alan McLean and Tony Mustoe: My Body Did Everything I Asked It by Tim Etchells ()
  • Second International Symposium on Electronic Art (SISEA) by Richard Wright ()
  • Black Men in America: Changing Reality? by Susan Wiggins ()
Issue 65/66 Spring 1992
  • Of Knowing and Haunting the World: The Gnostic Art of Brian Catling by Liz Brooks ()
  • The Battlefields of Love: Insights in the Work of Roberta Graham by Lucy Hughes-Hallett ()
  • The Last Avant-Gardist: John Latham's Holistic Vision by John A Walker ()
  • The Confines of Power: Denis Masi's Recent Wall-Works by Mike Archer ()
  • Collaborations: An Interview with Philip Glass by Nicholas Zurbrugg ()
  • Mask, Role and Narrative: An Interview with Joan Jonas by Nick Kaye ()
  • Departure: The Brazilian Project of Marina Abramovic by Demosthenes Davvetas ()
  • The Fine Rats International: Performance Art and Post- Industrial Society by Jeffrey Collins ()
  • Alighiero e Boetti by Astrid Schmetterling ()
  • Jane Mulfinger: Lost For Words by Richard Dyer ()
  • Gaby Agis and Shelley Lasica by Andrew Renton ()
  • LIFT: The Damned Lovely; Mayhew and Edmunds by Sophie Constanti ()
  • LIFT: Nancy Reilly by Tony White ()
  • Phyllida Barlow by John Jordan ()
  • Theatre Repere: The Dragon's Trilogy by Peter Church ()
  • The Last Weekend by Louise Wilson ()
  • Miralda: The Honeymoon Project by Ann Cullis ()
  • Brighton Festival by Ariane Koek ()
  • Cricot - Tadeusz Kantor: Today is my Birthday by Astrid Schmetterling ()
  • Signs of the Times by Edith Decker ()
  • Chris Meigh-Andrews: Eau d'Artifice by Catherine Elwes ()
  • Forced Entertaiment: Welcome to the Dreamland; Marina and Lee by David Hughes ()
  • Madrid en Danza by Lucinda Jarrett ()
  • European Media Art Festival by Nicholas Morgan ()
  • James Turrell: Confort Moderne by Fiona Dunlop ()
  • All Colours Theatre: Celenta 17 by Lucy Nias ()
  • Bob Flanagan: Sick by Simon Anderson ()