Issue 2 - Aug/Sept 1979

  • Noughts and Crosses: The History of Western Civilisation by Angela Carter ()
  • Who are Les Oeufs Malades? An egg speaks by Bryony Lavery ()
  • Interview: Julian Beck by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Bleak Arabian Gothic Nights: A profile of Shared Experience by Luke Dixon ()
  • The Great Outdoors: Outdoor performance by Dirk Larsen ()
  • We're Not Fooling: the Demolition decorators by Stephen Ballantyne ()
  • The Future of the Past: a performance by Action Space at Parliament Hill Fields by Bryony Lavery ()
  • Subsidy in the UK: The Naked Form of Control Revealed by Jeff Nuttall ()
  • Posers Paradise: The Mod Phenomenon by Rob La Frenais ()


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