Issue 27 Dec/Jan 1984

  • Art Year Zero: History of Art Vandalism by Ken Hollings ()
  • How Life Differs From Detergent: Silvia Ziranek interview by Phil Hyde ()
  • Posturing Boldly: Recent Camp Art by Meira Eliash ()
  • Chic Lies: performance and Fashion by Steve Rogers ()
  • Direct Line to the Cortex: Philip Glass in London by Peter Culshaw ()
  • Holidays in Harness: Ddart in a Spanish resort by Robin Morley ()
  • Flirting with Meaning: Mary Longford dancing with Deniz by Robert Ayers ()
  • What We Can Learn From Our European Friends by John Stalin ()
  • Vidar Egg by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Impact: A Place in Europe by Phil Hyde ()
  • Ddart by Phil Jones ()
  • We Won't Play Nature To Your Culture by Liz Rideal ()
  • Ultramundane: Station House Opera by Anna Moszynska ()
  • Paul McCarthy by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Neoism by Rob La Frenais ()
  • La La La by ()


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