Issue 35 June/July 1985

  • A Night in Hell: Els Commediants on pagans and pyrotechnics by Teresa Whitfield ()
  • La Gaia Scienza: John Ashford strips away the metaphors by John Ashford ()
  • Emerging From the Cultural Revolution: are the Fourth Peking Opera by Lucy Neal ()
  • From the Enclosure: Zoo Man Alberto Vidal speaks by Rob La Frenais ()
  • Spark Fly: as Bow Gamelan open the festival by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Apocalypse Now: from Poland's Theare Nowy by ()
  • Dirty Work: From the Director of Security, by the Bahumutsi Company by Maishe Maponya ()
  • Mass in A Minor: Extract from the political thriller this Yugoslav piece was based on by Danilo Kis ()
  • The Elusive: Winston Tong, traced, found, interviewed by Barbara Lehmann ()
  • Cease and Desist: Arthur Miller vs Wooster Group - the full story by Catherine Bush ()
  • What about Performance: in the British Art Show? by Robert Ayers ()
  • A Lot of Things: happen in Cardiff by David Briers ()
  • Up the Nile: experimental art is stirring by Cathy Courtney ()
  • Invisible Work by Rob La Frenais ()
  • To: Do: The Nine O'Clock Muse by David Dye ()
  • Feverhouse by Sue Wolff ()
  • Blood Group: Clam by Caz Royds ()


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