Issue 41 May/June 1986

  • Laurie Anderson: an exclusive interview by Barbara Lehmann ()
  • The Power of Effective Marketing: two views of Jan Fabre at the Royal Albert Hall by Colin Watkeys, John Ashford ()
  • Performance Artists Clog Ideal Home: An ironic tale by Marty St James, Anne Wilson ()
  • Mona Hatoum - Not an Entertainer: a profile of her recent work by Bol Marjoram ()
  • New Work Newcastle: a report by Tara Babel ()
  • A Day in the Life of a Neo-Naturist: Performing at the ROH by Michael Clark ()
  • The Event Group by Bruce Bayley ()
  • Laibach by Julia Orkney ()
  • Forced Entertainment: Nightawks by Steve Rogers ()


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