Issue 47 May/June 1987

  • A Work Between Two Institutions: Stephen Willats in Leeds by Stephen Willats ()
  • Scaling the Castle Walls: Performance Season in Nottingham by Robert Ayers ()
  • I See Danger: Alistair MacLennan Interview by Declan MacGonagle ()
  • Image After Image: Art on TV and the new series 'Alter Image' by Chris Rodley ()
  • Sculpture Down Your Way: TSWA 3D by Brian Hatton ()
  • Look North: New York Newcastle '87 On Tour by Tracey Warr ()
  • Wash Your Brains: Performance Art LP by Colin Fallows ()
  • Extracurricular: Performance Art and Education by Tracey Warr ()
  • The Media Show Reborn by Tim Etchells ()
  • Astrakan at the Swiss Cottage Baths, Camden Festival by Steve Rogers ()
  • Gary Stevens: If The Cap Fits by Steve Rogers ()
  • Fredd Goodwin: Modern Dreams/Ancient Nightmares by Bryan Biggs ()
  • At the Edge by Guy Brett ()
  • Stuart Brisley: St Cuthbert's Village Cenotaph by Alex Fraser ()
  • Babel: Freedom by Roland Miller ()
  • Neil Bartlett and Robin Whitmore: A Victim of Love Revealed in Sleep by Steve Rogers ()


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