Issue 52 Feb/Mar 1988

  • Readers Survey - Results by Steve Rogers ()
  • Life After Living: Steven Taylor Woodrow's new work by Steve Rogers ()
  • Resistance, Rewind and Rant: The climate for video art by Nick Houghton ()
  • Getting to Grips with Guerilla TV: the past and future of the pirates by Greg Loftin ()
  • Spinning Wildly or Standing Still: high tech vs the new minimalism by Jez Welsh ()
  • Stating the Art: Interview with John Wyver by Betsy Ho ()
  • The City and the Suburbs: Carnival, Television and Video Art: television and community politics by Sean Cubitt ()
  • Videopedia: a beginners guide to video in Britain by ()
  • Annie Griffin by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton ()
  • 4D At Home by Tim Etchells ()
  • Theatre Nova by Pippa Corner ()
  • Robin Whitmore and the pupils of Sheringfield Primary by Neil Bartlett ()
  • Dogs in Honey by Fran Bawden ()
  • 10 Years of Avant-Garde Film and Video at the Tate by Nick Houghton ()
  • Axis Mundi by Pippa Corner ()
  • Texture by Malcolm Dickson ()
  • Rose Garrard by Ken Gill ()
  • Ivan, Rosemary Branch by Steve Rogers ()
  • Richard Layzell by Mark Currah ()


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