Issue 53 April/May 1988

  • From Rag-Bag to Riches: Brighton Festival '88 by Steve Rogers ()
  • Tina Keane: a profile by Michael O'Pray ()
  • Taking a Line for a Walk: Marina Abromovic/Ulay interviewed by Chrissie Iles ()
  • From the Private Wars of Howie Long: recovered from GQ Magazine by Kate Smith ()
  • Speaking Without Ruses: John Roberts on male sexuality by John Roberts ()
  • The Invisible Man: Notes on male sexuality by Kate Love by Kate Love ()
  • Under God: Scenes from the End of the World and the Pursuit of Human Happiness in the Years of Our Lord by Ken Hollings ()
  • The Shadow Apparatus by Brian Catling ()
  • Documenting Performance Art by Nick Kaye ()
  • Hans Haacke by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Glenn Branca by Oliver Bennett ()
  • Graham Young by Nick Houghton ()
  • Oscar McLennan: Waiting for the Kiss of the Chicken King and Helicopter Man, Leadmill, SHeffield by Tim Etchells ()
  • Steve Purcell and Co by Pippa Corner ()
  • Mineo Aayamaguchi by Jeremy Welsh ()
  • Carles Santos by Ken Gill ()
  • Making Space by Simon Herbert ()
  • Audio Arts: Accent For a Start by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Annie Griffin and Laura Ford: The Deadly Grove, Battersea Arts Centre, London by Steve Rogers ()
  • Ross Finn-Kelcey: Bureau de Change by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton ()
  • Illuminations/Ghosts in the Machine by Nick Houghton ()


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