Issue 54 June/July 1988

  • Between Windscale and Wordsworth: John Fox interviewed by Baz Kershaw by Baz Kershaw ()
  • Process and Chaos: J M Findlay watches Tadeusz Kantor in rehearsal by Iwona Blazwick, Chris Rodley ()
  • Something Material: Nick Kaye on the conflict between producty and process by Nick Kaye ()
  • Somebody Should Tell the Emperor: Simon Herbert argues for a return to basics by Simon Herbert ()
  • A Series of Changes by Pauline Cummins ()
  • All The Rage: Malcolm Dickson looks at the place of radical art in Scotland by Malcolm Dickson ()
  • Finding our Place: performance in the art school by Hester Reeve and Vanessa Jones by Hester Reeve, Vanessa Jones ()
  • Performance Progress: David Hunter charts some recent developments in performance support by David Hunter ()
  • Tina Keane by Nick Houghton ()
  • Peter McRae: Avenue of Heroes by Pippa Corner ()
  • Stephen Taylor Woodrow: Going Bye-Byes by Pippa Corner ()
  • Intimate Strangers: Time To Go by Steve Rogers ()
  • Berlin by Ken Gill ()
  • Sheffield Media Show 1988 by Nick Houghton, Tim Etchells ()
  • Against the Steady Stare by Steve Farrer ()
  • Sound Moves by Lisa Haskell ()
  • The Blue Line by Tim Etchells ()


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