Issue 58 Summer 1989

  • Flux-Hunting: The Uncertain in Pursuit of the incomprehensible? by Simon Anderson ()
  • The Big Dipper: The Legacy of Arte Povera by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton ()
  • The Picturesque Ruins of the Situationist International by David Dunbar ()
  • Reflections: Video Sculpture Past and Present by Chrissie Iles ()
  • Glanz und Elend: Die Multi-media Kunst von Marie-Lo Lafontaine by Sigmar Gassert ()
  • Dance Away the Frontiers: New Dance Work by Four European Women by David Hughes ()
  • Nancy Reilly: Professional high by Tim Etchells ()
  • Lindsay John: Skin by Matthew Springford ()
  • IOU Theatre: Just Add Water by Ariane Koek ()
  • Gardzenice Theatre Association: Avvakum, Gathering by Ariane Koek ()
  • Peter Brook" La Tragedie de Carmen by Lucy Hughes-Hallett ()
  • Stefan Szczelkum: Emigration Ritual by Fran Cottell ()
  • The Wooster Group: Frank Dell's The Temptation of Saint by Tim Etchells ()
  • Les Magiciens de la Terre by Fiona Dunlop ()


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