Issue 63 Mar 1991

  • The Poetry of the Personal: In Conversation with Yoko Ono by Gray Watson, Rob La Frenais ()
  • Glasgow Glimpses: Four Views of the National Review of Live Art by David Hughes, John Jordan, Nancy Reilly, Tony White ()
  • Frontiers of Freedom: Notes on Die Endlichkeit der Freiheit by Hans Dickel ()
  • Travelling Light: A Meeting with Yoshi Oida by Betty Caplan ()
  • Opera Factory: Satyricon by David Hoyle ()
  • Live Art Week by Tony White ()
  • Gaby Abis and Company: Pale Shelter, The Place, London by Sophie Constanti ()
  • Brith Gof: Pax by Penny Simpson ()
  • Bruce McLean and Catherine Tucker: Vertical Balcony - A Real Gazebo by Tim Etchells ()
  • Four Cities Project by Louise Wilson ()
  • Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a Changing Economy by A A Bronson ()
  • Long Tongues by Richard Squires ()
  • Robert Wilson: Black Rider by Fiona Dunlop ()


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